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McAlester Pepsi –
taking hometown service
to the national level

About Us

McAlester Pepsi was founded in Eufaula, Oklahoma, in the early 1940’s by E.L Rogers and his brother, Dutch Rogers. After WWII ended the brothers purchased the prisoner of war boot camp property located in McAlester which was located behind the Meeco Facility, where the County District 3 Barn is currently located. At that time McAlester Pepsi was a manufacturer and bottled several flavors of soda, including: Pepsi, Mt Dew, Orange Crush, Grapette, Mason Root Beer, High-drive, Pepsi Light, Teem, and others.

Dutch left McAlester and purchased the Pepsi Plant in Ardmore, Oklahoma and E.L. was left with ownership in McAlester. In the years following, having obtained ownership, E.L’s son Don Rogers and his wife Zona became the face of the company. Don was involved in everything possible. Tremendous supporter for all the locals schools, churches and community events. Don and Zona ran the business for more than 40 years. Zona Rogers still active in the role as the president.

In the early to mid 1970’s, a power pole fell from an adjoining property causing a fire, resulting in the McAlester Pepsi building burning to the ground. We soon built a new warehouse located across the street on Electric Avenue, and it is still our home today.

Throughout the years, four generations of Rogers have held leadership roles within the organization. E.L. and Dutch Rogers, Don and Zona Rogers, Bill and Bob Rogers, since 2017 Charles Rogers currently leads this team.

Don Rogers

In the past few years, McAlester Pepsi has exploded into the national spot light. Winning awards, recording breaking gains, community involvement and unrivaled passion to their customers. Companies and people all across the world are hearing about the success stories of our company. McAlester Pepsi is becoming known worldwide. Gaining attention all across North America, receiving numerous National and Local awards:

National Awards

  • 2019 Central Division Finalist for the Donald M. Kendall Award
  • 2019 Winner of the Donald M. Kendall award, (which is the highest award for a Pepsi franchise) also known as the North American Pepsi Cola Bottler of the Year.
  • 2020 Central Division Finalist for the Donald M. Kendall Award.
  • 2022 Beverage Industry Magazine Bottler of the year.

Locally McAlester Pepsi has won state and several community awards.

We believe in the PepsiCo manufacturer’s slogan, “Nationally, great. Locally, even better.” As we move into the future, we have amended our slogan to include “Taking hometown service to the national level!”

“We pledge to provide the best go-to-market plan to each and every customer! No matter how big or small.”